What is GunBound?

GunBound is a classic turn-based artillery game, where you control mobile and fire shots that take wind, power and shot-type into effect. Your goal is to destroy the opposing team, using a combination of skill, strategy and luck.

What is your affiliation with GunBound.ca?

Although we work closely with GunBound.ca and everyone there are good friends, this is a completely different server. That means there will be no transferring of accounts. You will have to earn everything from scratch, just like everyone else!

Where do I charge cash?

We currently do not have any cash charging functionality implemented. Although this is planned for the future, we will strive to maintain a fair game for both cash and non-cash users. All cash-charging will be strictly Bitcoin only.

How do I report a bug?

Contact us at #gunbound.be on irc.synirc.net, or post a message at our Forum.

Why should I play here?

Go back to the homepage and read the features, check the screenshots. Trust that this is the best classic GunBound server out there, and you will enjoy your time with us!

How do I get started?

You start by creating an account, by going through the registration process on this website. Once that is finished, you will be given a download link for our client. Download and install this client, and login with the account details you used earlier. Enjoy!