What is GunBound?

GunBound is a turn-based room-to-room multiplayer online game with similar features to the popular game Worms. Even though the international audience compare it with Worms, it actually had huge inspirations from the 1999 game called 'Fortress 2' also known as 'Fortress 2 Blue Forever' which was hosted in Korea only.

Which version of GunBound is this?

We'll be running the very last version of the first major release, known as 'Thor's Hammer'. This was before the 'World Champion' version, which ran through 2003 to 2005.

Why Thor's Hammer and not World Champion?

We prefer the old school version of GunBound, which is Thor's Hammer. World Champion made changes we are not very happy with, including the user interface. We have no plans to run World Champion.

Which mobiles are available?

All the original 16 mobiles, where Knight and Dragon are by random only. Kalsiddon and Frog were introduced in World Champion, and thus are not available.

What's the difference between your Thor's Hammer version over other Thor's Hammer servers?

We have full background support, full power user support, ice s2 display, a more stable client, and many more!

How will donations work?

We have no plans yet to enable donations.

Which avatars are available?

We'll start with the avatars that were available in Thor's Hammer, which means the Old School sets like Chief Hair and the 'Punk hair money' set. We'll add new avatars in the future once the important things are done!

Which servers will be available?

We'll start with only one server, an avatar OFF server. In this server avatar stats are not applied except gold bonuses.

Does this server run on MAC?

Yes! You can download the MAC client by clicking the drop down menu of the download button.

Will there be any kind of 'Drag Stabilizer'?

Drag stabilizer is a term that orginated from an other Private Server. It removes the challenge of Drag where it 'moves' around if you take too long. We have no plans to add any sort of 'Drag Stabilizer'.